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Hotel Roma in Grottamare offers guests the opportunity to take part in excursions and hire bikes to discover the magnificent Piceno coastline. Below are some useful links: Nationally famous artist from Sanbenedetta. Some of her works are on display in our hotel. A room dedicated to the artist is under construction “The OHO room” our photographer. The Sibillini Mountains Park. From the fantastical legend of the Sibillines and Lake Pilato (a must for hiking enthusiasts), is the La Cittadella agritourism: an ancient restored village. Silvio will welcome you with all his ‘patron women’, where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of another era. official website of the Sibillini National Park. to visit all the fortresses, forts and castles in the Marche region. “Filiera Corta”, or “short supply chain”, involves creating direct relationships between producers and consumers, whether individuals or businesses, thus reducing the number of business intermediaries, and the final price. At the Community level, this project, presented by the AIAB to promote organic food and farming benefits in Europe, has also been recognised by the European Union. Specifically, the “Piceno short supply chain” project – run by the Ascoli Piceno Province’s Department for Productive Activities, in cooperation with the AIAB – aims to cover all the activities that give the end user, be they a student, a caterer, or a simple consumer, a better understanding of the intrinsic quality of local Piceno products. There is a particular focus on organic products, and those who produce them, ensuring a better final price to the consumer and a more equitable compensation for the producer. The project aims to encourage the promotion of organic, traditional, local and seasonal farming, and to promote the environmental context in which this takes place, and to ensure attention is paid to safeguarding and defending the integrity of the land. A collection of steps that show the possibilities of eco-sustainable development, attentive to the conservation of resources. A project that demonstrates that a new ‘lifestyle’ is possible. A lifestyle that respects the environment, conservation of biodiversity and local diversity, natural resources, and is also interested in quality of life. a few kilometres from the sea, at the border between the Marche and Umbria regions, the beautiful Castelluccio area is great for lovers of extreme sports like hang-gliding, rafting, canoeing, paragliding also ideal for quiet walks in the mountains. all of the shops in the region, divided by Province… for when it’s raining and you can’t go to the beach! a portal full of fun for those traveling with children. A natural spectacle not to be missed … just over 90 minutes away by road, the opportunity to spend a special day surrounded by nature … if you want some advice for lunch, ask Magda! fun facts and recipes. Pergola, near Pesaro, is a fantastic museum. The only existing collection of gilded bronzes in the world from the Roman era to the present day. important opera season in our region at the magical Sferisterio theatre. Also open in summer. Just under an hour’s drive away is the delightful city of Recanati and the story of Giacomo Leopardi. You can even visit his house with its library. Our hotel complies with LEGAMBIENTE TOURISM: FOR OUR COMMITMENT TO ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, and the ECOLABEL Association. We are committed, but we also need your help! check the weather in Grottammare! …if you dream of buying a home in the Marche region…!