Hotel Roma Guests

“I’m taking some time right now to write down some feelings I’d like to convey to you.
I am very conflicted about openly celebrating (through a review on the Internet) my stay with you – it could make your hotel too popular, losing its magic – but I will recommend it to my friends who appreciate good things in the hope that you will find even more admirers.
I am convinced there is no other hotel on the Italian Riviera like your own… they lack your spirit.
For example:

• Your family’s table at the restaurant’s entrance. A guarantee of the quality of food that you also share with all of your guests. A beautiful message of simplicity and sharing. As if we were truly all invited to your house (but of course you can’t have a single table for all of us to sit together!).

• The smiles and the kindness of your staff… something extraordinary. I fondly remember the smiles of the restaurant staff – always available, fast, attentive – and the maids.
• The interior design details. This is the signature of the hotel’s personality. And, honestly, these are what made me choose the hotel, as well as the short summary description on the website. I believe that they can all be linked to you, as if you had decorated your house with your memories, each a memory of a moment.
• Camilla – always tired and witty – could become the hotel’s “logo”. She is already a sponsor in a sense, for carefree idleness: she is at the entrance, delimiting a place that differs from the outdoors – here everything is slow.
• “I’m relaxing” – I got it from the room’s door knob and took it home. Now it hangs on my front door… the effect will last a few more days. But between “Do Not Disturb” and “I’m relaxing”, there is an ocean of ​​meaning. One suggestion might be “Relax! (I already am!)” to hang on the room’s door knob.
• The kitchen – My biggest gripe is not having been able to meet the “director” and queen of the kitchen, the focal point of every home and of the hotel. If I had gone in, I would have asked her to kidnap me and keep me there until the end of my stay. Compliments to the chef!
• The terrace – I was there while it was out of use: it was a shame not being able to use it.
• The beach – I hope it will always remain just so: a few umbrellas spaced apart, because this is the real added value at the seaside.

One last point: Grottammare was a gamble dictated by curiosity… It has increasingly become my belief that the most pleasant surprises are always where few would go looking for them…
Congratulations to you.”


Pepi Morgia

” Hotel Roma…my home from home in Grottammare…with friends”

Dario Fò

” In hopes that Brunella can always dance with joy ”

Rocco Barbaro

” To Brunella, when beauty becomes class! Loved you from the day i met you, but the most beautiful day, my dear, was…the day before! See you soon. ”

Sergio Sgrilli

” It felt like being at home with friends… how could i not hope to return as soon as possible? ”

Alberto Forti

”To Brunella and her out-of-this-world dress, your kindness all year long, from Easter to Christmas… AH! AH! AH! thank you! ”

Leo Gullotta

” To Marino, Marisa, Brunella and Fabrizio, Thank you for your hospitality and for the beauty in your hearts!! Dear Hotel Roma see you soon, i will remember you with great joy… Thanks ! “

Serena Dandini

” Now i know where to take refuge when i need to be pampered. Thanks to Brunella and her very ‘human’ style. Kisses! ”

Lillo e Greg

” …now this is what i call a REAL breakfast! Thank you all. ”


” I felt at ‘Rome’ with the comforts of home and sweet company with significant culinary qualities! This is not a review, but a sweet, sad comment, given my imminent departure… but with the joy of knowing that soon we will meet again! thank you! “

Marco Mazzocca

” To the entire wonderful family who welcomed us with warmth and kindness … a big hug from UGO from X TUSCOLANO !!! Thanks Hotel Roma! “

Cinzia Leone

” Kind and sensitive! it was nice to have a “normal” vacation … thanks …”

Maurizio Crozza

To the beautiful Brunella and her staff who surrounded me with love and attention … what more can i say? For any claims, please contact S. Belfiore

Gioele Dix

“Dear Brunella, I’m writing to you despiteyou not taking my picture! Thanks for everything, even the hearty breakfast after 9.30am! See you soon!”

Mariella Nava

“If life is a series of stops… then this is one of my favourite! thank you with all my heart!”

Enzo Iacchetti

” This place is like a home: warm and full of people who love you. Thank you all and see you soon at the hotel with the most stars in the world !!!”

Sergio Cammariere

“To Brunella…”

Vincenzo Mollica

“Thanks for your kindness and hospitality”

Antonio Cornacchione

“Thank you for your gracious hospitality…if i’m ever put under house arrests, i will ask to spend it here! thanks and goodbye! ”

Caterina Guzzanti

“Still fascinated by the drapes of your hotel-Buddhabar, we sadly head towards busy highways, thanks for the affections”

Paolo Migone

“a touch here, a touch there, and the hotel exudes originality”

Stefano Sarcinelli

” To the hotel Roma, where beauty and kindness go together”

Dario Vergassola

” We’ll be back whan watching TV is an extra cost, ciao!”

Neri  Marcorè

“To Brunella, a young and very beautiful woman with a gentle demeanor, i give myself away in asking to meet you again the next time i come to Grottammare. Thanks for the grace, the tact, the wander, the availability… with gratitude “

Dario Ballantini

“To my friends at Hotel Roma, soooo ospitable ”


“To my friends at Hotel Roma, kisses and thanks ”

Enrico Bertolino

“To Brunella, so great in the kitchen, and so beautiful outside”

Max Tortora

“To Brunella, who has made hospitality a way of life… and above all for making me fell at home while staying at the hotel! Thank you for everything…”

Riccardo Benini

“To Brunella and Fabrizio… i never would have belived in my life… that there was ospitality like yours. Thanks from my heart ”

Susy Blady

” Thanks to Hotel Roma for my stay and your kindness ”